02/Lördag 10.2010

Nya favorit helgsysslan: BOWLING!
Kalaskul med liveband mitt på banan och en öl på det.

Postat av: martus

how long will u force me to wait for the next update? :D

2010-11-19 @ 20:37:36
Postat av: Sara

Haha, ive been out travelling for 3 months. Might post something when i get back home or start something new.. I hopfully got a LOT of pictures in My back pack. Of the hard driver hasnt crashed completaly. :)

2011-01-03 @ 06:40:27
URL: http://caughtbyapicture.blogg.se/
Postat av: martus

and where have you been to? i also have wanted to leave for a long while my country, gap year or simply move somewhere else as soon as i have graduated in may:)

2011-02-14 @ 22:00:25
Postat av: Sara

You should! Its the most amazing thing ive ever done. Ive been to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Now im back in sweden for work. Trying to go on lots of shorter trips though. London again in 3 weeks (: where are you from?

2011-03-05 @ 00:36:36
URL: http://caughtbyapicture.blogg.se/
Postat av: martus

from southern Poland:) i've been thinking about teaching english in the orphanage in Nepal, or maybe some volunteer work in Madagascar, but the offers from those volunteer agencies are pretty expensive. did you travel on your own or was it 'somehow' planned, hope you know what I mean.

have you made gap year, or only those 3 months out of uni? do you want to go back to uni? - these are my problems, whether to study at all or to go travelling until I die :)

take care!

2011-03-22 @ 12:06:06
Postat av: Sara

ah i see. ive been thinking about volunteer too. but as you say its quite expensive. we went all on our own. its not a problem at all!

im finished with my studies in psychology and philosophy. so atm im working to fill up my savings. looks like were both confused about future!

my plan right now is to save money til next autumn and then study abroad. maybe aussie, maybe london..

What do you wanna study?

2011-04-13 @ 19:58:32
Postat av: martus

i change my mind every second day so its not that easy to tell:) aussie would be just perfect, but for some time ive been thinking about london. london college of fashion seems sth from my dreams! but nobody studies fashion in poland, so im just afaraid of swimming against the tide, if i choose it i will not be able to come back:(

take care!

2011-04-30 @ 22:57:55

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