12/Torsdag 11.2009

This is what im doing for a living
Loving, laughing, playing

Martus: I haven't moved to London, but i do have serious thoughts about doing so.
Just looking for someone who wants to leave with me!
I was there for a week visiting some friends of mine
and I totally fell in love with the city! What do you want to know about it?
I don't know any secret fantastic places you should visit
my only suggestion is that, regardless of which city you want to explore,
try to find someone who knows the streets and then just walk!
When it comes to London there's no trouble finding your way,
everyone's helpful and sweet! One night I was lost, alone, and without
any clue of which direction to walk I found my way home. Thanks to the lovely people!
I didn't even felt insecure.

Postat av: martus

hey :)

im very grateful due to ur answer :)

ive already been to london twice, because my aunt lives near brighton, and while being in uk how i could skip visiting london? but i was in lodon only dwo days, next time i must visit camden and brick lane - have u been there?

and i wished soo much i could move there! people there are as u say - smile without any reason and so on. thats also quite a difference for me, cause here in poland people are usually mean for each other, and if i smile to sb on a street, they will think ur insane - ive tried several times, after i came back from uk:)

take care !

2009-11-14 @ 18:47:42

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