Life and death, energy and peace
if I stop today it was still worth it
even the terrible mistakes that I made
and would have unmade if I could
the pains that have burned me
and scarred my soul
it was worth it
for having been allowed to walk where I've walked
which was to hell on earth
heaven on earth, back again
into, under, far in between
through it, in it, and above



And she went to live in a beautiful house
And all the people loved her
And she was very, very happy
But the people in the village were very poor
And every night, they crept into the house
Where the girl slept and they cut off a piece of her golden hair
And they sold it for money
"she'll never even notice", they said
And so all the gold was gone from her head..



Dear book, this is another day in my life
A life is like a book
A book is like a box
A box has six sides
Inside and outside
So, how do you get to what's inside?
How do you get what's inside out?
Once upon a time, there was very pretty girl
Who lived in a beautiful box
And everybody loved her



Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away
there lived a young girl, whose hair was made of gold
when the people in the village saw her
they said "oh, how beautiful she is"
and they showed her a beautiful house on the planet Mars
and they said "come and live here forever"
and the young girl said,
"oh, Mars is a planet where life's different -
safe, clean and pretty"
But, but how do you get there?
Where do you find a taxi?
Which bus do you take? Right?
And how do you know you're there when you're there?

The grief of being a prisoner in the body of dog


Do you remember what you told me once?
That every passing minute is another chance
to turn it all around
I'll find you again
I'll see you in another life
when we are both cats

Vanilla Sky

How to spend a year without the only one you ever cared about


I just wished that I had known you better

What will you do?


"Do you dare to dream?" He asked.

And she told him a century with reasons for why she should not.

"It doesn't matter what you have or have not. Cause, the truth to be told,
the only thing you really have is your life. And that's it.
In reality you have no home, no work, no money, no education and no friends.
That's only a material for you get to what you want.
The only thing you have is your life and your time to waste it or live it"

What would the time traveller say?


What is the cause of human intelligence and energy?

Difficulties make people strong and clever and help them to work together.
And the family, with its protective love and selfishness, is there for the care of
children. The love of parents helps to keep the young out of danger. Now, where were
these dangers?I thought of the physical smallness of the people, their low intelligence
and those big ruined buildings. It strengthened my belief that humans,
who had always fought against nature,had finally won -
because after the fight comes quietness.
People had been strong, energic and intelligent, and had used this energy
to change their living conditions.
And now they too had changed because of the new conditions.

The Time Machine

what if, you one morning woke up with yourself by your side?

This is a revolution of the mind
Vi är ganska så lika du och jag.
Men ändå så olika.

Min indirekta schizofreni är fortfarande ett faktum.
Vi äter upp varrandra
Vi skapar orkaner av konflikter
Och beslut fattas sällan med enhällighet


Allt är så kallt nu, och ensamt.
Vart gick du? Du som lovade att alltid stå vid min sida.
Jag har tillbringat varje natt i januari med Sigur Rós och glömda minnen.
Men förevigt hör jag rösten, som säger att du kan inte tro på någon du bara träffat en gång.

Jag har en ny dröm varje dag.
Jag drömmer om att få se dig igen.

Jag såg vanilla sky här om natten.
Han dog.
Och dom sa:

"It was Sofia who never fully recovered.
It was she who some how knew you best...
and like you, she never forgot
that one night where true love seemed possible."

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